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Manage to find the perfect women? Want to take her on a great date? The good news is that Jersey is a great place to find interesting, unique and romantic dates. Why not take her for a walk around Durrell Wildlife Park? Here you will not only be able to find some amazing natural scenery, but you can also see a variety of fascinating animals too. Great for striking up conversation and helping with awkward silences.

If you think that she will love a touch of history, then you could go for a walk around Mont Orgueil Castle. A chance to see some amazing views, and an amazing building, this is one of the go to places in Jersey.

Tired of being out in the open air? Jersey has some amazing places to stop and eat. As a coastal region, there really is no better place to enjoy a spot of fish and chips, so why not head for a relaxed meal at somewhere like Hectors Fish and Chips Restaurant? It may not be Michelin Star, but one thing is for sure, it is delicious!

Jersey may be a small island, but it is big on chances to find love. So, why not check out Date In Jersey and see if you can find the love that you are waiting for?

Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy , with its own financial , legal and judicial systems, [5] and the power of self-determination . [13] The Lieutenant Governor on the island is the personal representative of the Queen .

Jersey dating

Jersey dating